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You will be introduced to our multidisciplinary clinical team.

Comprehensive treatment plan with a team of highly qualified professionals with modern service processes.

  • Gustavo Brehn D’Avila

    Clinical Director

    Gratuated in Dentistry from the Federal University of Paraná, 1992

    Completed a Graduate Internship at the Univesity of Texas, USA, 1995

    Holds a Master`s degree in Periodontology from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, 2001

    Published scientific articles in the J Of Periodontology ( American Academy of Periodontology) and in the Journal of Clinical Periodontology (European Academy of Periodology)

    Former Specialization Professor inf Periodontology / Implantology at the Federal University of Paraná, Brasil

    Member of EAO - European Association for Osseointegration

  • Roberta Pinheiro Miranda Carvalho

    Clinicar Director

    Graduated in Denstistry from the Federal University of Espirito Santo, Brazil

    Specialized in Periodontics at the Gama Filho University, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

    Holds a Master`s degree in Periodontology from the Universty Federal of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

    Former Professor at the University Federal of Paraná, Brazil

    Graduate certified by the University of Coimbra.


  • Beatriz Bessa


    Operates at the Dental Implant Clinic as General Clinic Dentist.


The results speak for themselves ...

On November 13th 2013, I had operated an upper tooth and today, November 19th 2013, I have all upper teeth and I decided to go out and have dinner to test these 3 new teeth and celebrate that Portugal is going to Brazil World Cup. Isn't that true that everything went better than expected ?! Highly recommend this team to everyone. Thank you Dr Gustavo

For many years our family has been visiting Dr. Gustavo at Dental Clinic Vil-Cha. Several treatments have been done, from basic ones such as half yearly checks and cleaning, to more advanced root canal treatment and whitening with the latest laser technology. Any of these works done by Dr. Gustavo has been really outstanding and to our great satisfaction. We would highly recommend this clinic and team to anyone searching for a good and trustworthy dentist.

Uma equipa fantástica

Foi muito gratificante conhecer o Dr Gustavo D Avila pois e uma pessoa culta, simpática , empenhada e dedicada como docente de implantologia. Contribuiu muito para minha formação científica nesta area e ao mesmo tempo transmitiu me confiança e segurança para realizar os meus implantes e com certeza vem de encontro à supressão das carências sentidas nos curricula da área de implantologia .Agradeço a importante ajuda do Dr Gustavo e sua equipa e aconselho a quem estiver interessado em fazer um curso sobre implantes,não perder esta oportunidade